Mulberry Street Displacement and the Greenbelt

Part of what makes the Capital Area Greenbelt so special is that it is all-inclusive. We pride ourselves on having a trail through the City of Harrisburg that everyone has access to, no matter where – or how — you live. Recently, city officials approached us asking for help. We understand the current situation involving the Mulberry Street Bridge poses serious health concerns that must be addressed. They identified an area along the trail right off of South Cameron Street which could be used as a temporary location for a few displaced individuals. We were assured by the City that this will not inhibit the safety and enjoyability for anyone riding, walking, or riding along the Greenbelt.

We have a tremendous partnership with the City of Harrisburg and all of you who have made a figurative home along the Greenbelt. Now, we’re welcoming a few new guests who are making their home along the Greenbelt for a few weeks. The Capital Area Greenbelt Association looks forward to working with the City on implementing this space and making sure these individuals have a safe place to stay.