Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg Expands Contributions Supporting Well-being, Awareness, and Maintenance of Capital Area Greenbelt

Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg, a multi-year supporter and neighbor of the Capital Area Greenbelt Association (located at 3233 Paxton Street just off the Greenbelt), recently expanded its commitment to the well-being of the Greenbelt, a 24-mile, century-old system of picturesque natural areas, parks, and open areas, as well as surrounding nature spaces.

On the morning of Saturday, April 2, Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg hosted CAGA representatives for the unveiling of a new display in their service area that features the Greenbelt and encourages customers to walk on the trail while they wait for their vehicle services to be completed. Part of the Subaru Loves the Earth campaign, the display includes CAGA signage Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg, informational brochures, and even floor clings leading customers in the direction of the Greenbelt. Representatives from both organizations cut a ceremonial ribbon to officiate the occasion.

Representatives from CAGA and Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg cut a ceremonial ribbon at the unveiling of a new display of CAGA signage and information spotlighted in the Subaru Loves the Earth campaign on April 2, 2022.

“We’re very excited to be included as a part of Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg’s Subaru Loves the Earth campaign,” said CAGA Board President Mike Shaull. “The Greenbelt runs right alongside the Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg property, and we’re honored that they’ve chosen to build such a strong relationship with us over the years. Through this campaign, we hope that many of Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg’s customers will connect with nature and discover the outstanding community resource that is the Capital Area Greenbelt.”  

“The Greenbelt is a beautiful and historic trail that connects the Harrisburg community, and it’s a vital part of central Pennsylvania,” said Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg General Sales Manager Chris Carvell. “We’re fortunate to have the Greenbelt next to the dealership, and while the Subaru Loves the Earth initiative helps to remind us that it is important to take care of the beautiful nature that surrounds us, we believe it is the right thing to do, every day.”

Immediately following the display unveiling, a group of nine volunteers – two from CAGA and seven from Faulkner – participated in a clean-up project on a nearby one-mile section of the Greenbelt that Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg has committed to maintain through a new trail sponsor program offered by CAGA. In total, the group spent three hours collecting refuse, filling 25 full-size garbage bags with litter. During the clean-up portion of the event, CAGA also presented Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg with five metal signs that will be hung along its adopted section of the Greenbelt in recognition of their sponsorship.

“We currently have four local businesses that have signed up for our trail sponsor program. They are Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg, Penbrook Leo Club on behalf of Keep PA Beautiful, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, and Covanta,” said Pam Holzman, a CAGA board member who helps facilitate the program. “We’re pleased to see the trail sponsor program take off, and we’re incredibly thankful to Faulkner Subaru for helping lead the way. We encourage other local businesses to consider signing up for the program as an opportunity for their employees to give back to the local community as well.”

In addition to spotlighting CAGA to its customers and caring for a section of the Greenbelt, Faulkner Subaru has also sponsored CAGA’s signature Tour de Belt fundraiser at the $3,000 level (for the 4th year in a row) and contributed an additional $1,500 to the Greenbelt from proceeds of a golf tournament it held last summer. 

CAGA is a volunteer-run, non-profit community organization whose goal is to maintain the Greenbelt trail and foster access to green space for all residents of the capital region. To learn more about supporting the organization through volunteerism or financial contribution, visit caga.org or email caga@caga.org.