Project Updates


Through the support of multiple generous funding agencies and the cooperation of our host municipalities and partners, the Greenbelt continues to be upgraded with the following projects:


Paxtang Parkway Restoration

Stream bed restoration has been completed in two areas. The stream edge has been eased to cure erosion issues and new riparian plantings will stabilize the bank. Additional work will continue in this area and includes restoration of another section of the stream and the removal of downed trees over the stream. See this article for more information.


Traffic Safety Project

Six intersections have received new approaches, crosswalks, signals, and in some places refuge islands. The signals continue to be tweaked to function properly along with some landscape grooming. Read more about the project here. View a map of the intersections.


Greenbelt Paving Projects

Five trail segments in areas generally south and east of the city have been repaved and regraded. We also added fresh topsoil and seeds along the edges of these areas.


Utility Projects

The Greenbelt serves as a utility corridor for many of our partner municipalities. Utility projects along the greenbelt continue in River Front Park as well as along the Andrea Avenue Spur.


Fort Hunter Park Extension

This major project to connect Wildwood Park to Fort Hunter Park with a new trail between the river and Front Street has begun construction. Look for completion in May 2020. Here is a map of the planned route.


Interstate 83 Expansion

This expansion will affect the Greenbelt in two locations: Front Street at the River and the Rutherford “Springhouse”. The county, in concert with the Greenbelt and with support from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, has worked proactively with PennDOT and their consultants to assure an improved Greenbelt in these two areas.