Project Updates

The following projects are improving the trail and enhancing our community:

  • Traffic Safety Project

The Association partnered with Dauphin County to complete a traffic safety and engineering study to craft a plan of safety improvements for the Greenbelt. Read the executive summary  Building a Better Greenbelt: Signs, Safety and a Riverfront Link to Fort Hunter or the Full Report.  Based on the study, intersection upgrades to install new traffic lights, trail protection, and crossings are underway.  Read more about the plans for Intersection Safety Upgrades

  • Signage

The Association installed new signs with mileage markers along the entire trail in 2014.  Enhancements of signage are planned using funds provided by the Harrisburg Bicycle Club.

  • Fort Hunter Extension

In partnership with Dauphin County, the Association is working to connect the Greenbelt to Fort Hunter Park.  Construction is planned for 2018 in accordance with the Greenbelt Fort Hunter Trail Plan.

  • Veterans Park Trail Extension

In partnership with Susquehanna Township, Association volunteers have constructed a link from Veterans Park to Andrea Avenue.  The extension officially opened in spring 2016.

  • Paxtang Parkway Restoration

The Paxtang Parkway is a peaceful and secluded section of the Greenbelt on a closed park road.  The Parkway has suffered serious erosion that threatens its future.  Read More about the project underway with funding from the Commonwealth to restore the eroded areas and prevent further damage.

  • Paving Projects in Harrisburg City

With funding of $480,000 from the Commonwealth, the Association will launch a project in 2016 to pave sections of the trail in the city that are currently gravel or crushed stone.