Paxtang Parkway Restoration

Stream bed restoration has been completed in two areas. The stream edge has been eased to cure erosion issues and new riparian plantings will stabilize the bank. Additional work will continue in this area and includes restoration of another section of the stream and the removal of downed trees over the stream. See this article for more information.


Fort Hunter Park Extension

This major project to connect Wildwood Park to Fort Hunter Park with a new trail between the river and Front Street has begun construction. Look for completion in May 2020. Here is a map of the planned route.


Interstate 83 Expansion

This expansion will affect the Greenbelt in two locations: Front Street at the River and the Rutherford “Springhouse”. The county, in concert with the Greenbelt and with support from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, has worked proactively with PennDOT and their consultants to assure an improved Greenbelt in these two areas.


Building a Better Greenbelt Timeline

2019 – Fort Hunter Greenbelt Trail construction begins*. City of Harrisburg completes renewal of lower walkway of Riverfront Park Greenbelt Trail.

Here is a map of the Greenbelt with the projects overlayed.

2018 – Additional Paving with PA DCNR Funds Completed. Construction of Safety improvements completed*. Stream Improvement project along the Paxtang Parkway Greenbelt Section begins.

2017 – Final Designs, Municipal Approvals of Signal Plans, Environmental Approvals and Permits Completed. Construction of Traffic Safety Improvements Begins. Pa DEP awards Greenbelt Association appx. $400,000 for stream improvement project. PennDOT awards appx $2.0 grant to City of Harrisburg for renewal of lower walkway on Riverfront Park section of Greenbelt.

2016 – PennDOT awards $1.5m. Transportation Enhancement Grant for Fort Hunter Greenbelt Trail Construction. PA DCNR awards $440,000 to Dauphin for additional paving projects along the Greenbelt.

2015 – Greenbelt Association raises $52,000 from its members, local businesses and foundations to implement the comprehensive sign plan. Signs installed at appx 150 locations with the assistance of several host municipalities. PA DEP awards Dauphin County $30,000 for preliminary design and permitting of stream restoration projects along the Paxtang Parkway section of the Greenbelt. This is matched with $40,000 from local foundations, businesses and the City of Harrisburg.

2014 – Building a Better Greenbelt: Signs, Safety and a Riverfront Link to Fort Hunter completed. It provides a signing plan and preliminary engineering designs and cost estimates.
Dauphin County provides grant of $250,000 for design of Fort Hunter Greenbelt Trail.

2013 – Wilson Consulting Group chosen to conduct planning effort with public meetings and advisory board of municipalities, neighborhood groups, PennDot and PA DCNR. PA DCNR awards Dauphin County $500,000 grant for safety improvements. PA DCED awards Dauphin County $230,000 for Fort Hunter Greenbelt trail. PennDOT and Harrisburg Area Transportation Study include safety improvements in the Transportation Improvement Program and provide an initial award of appx. $1.3m.

2012 – Dauphin County and DCNR each award $60,000 to develop a plan for signage, intersection improvements, and a trail connector to Fort Hunter.

2010 – Association completes strategic plan: Preserving the Greenbelt for Future Generations.

*PennDOT provided additional funding for these projects for construction after completion of final design.

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