Memorial Grove Cleanup

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As part of their 20th Anniversary, the LeTort Trust is celebrating by performing service projects they’ve named “20 Acts of Kindness.” On October 14, they teamed up with their partner organization, Boyer Ritter LLC, to help on the Greenbelt.

There are about 150 trees planted in a grove between I-83 and PennDOT. Most were planted to honor or memorialize loved ones. Some of the trees had died in the drought last summer and the remaining trees were in desperate need of attention. Eleven volunteers from LeTort Trust and six from Boyer Ritter came to the rescue. Due to the poor soil, the trees were planted on mounds of dirt, which makes mowing difficult. The volunteers used power trimmers to cut down the weeds that had grown around the trees and pulled weeds by hand that were too well-established to weed-whack. Then they spread mulch at the base of the trees until the mulch ran out, covering well over half of them. Other folks trimmed and/or removed overgrown shrubbery and painted over graffiti. It was a group that wasn’t afraid to get dirty and had come to make a difference!

Thank you, volunteers and thank you to these two companies for having made this significant contribution to our community!

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