Greenbelt Improvements and Expansion

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The Capital Area Greenbelt has received $7.5 million in funds to improve and expand the Greenbelt trail. We spread these funds into four projects:

    1. Ft Hunter connection to the Greenbelt
    2. Road crossing improvements at:
      1. Five Senses Garden at Rt 441
      2. Front St and Vaughn St
      3. Herr St and Parkway Dr
      4. Market to 28th streets
      5. Cameron St near recycling center
    3. Path resurfacing:
      1. Along Susquehanna river near PennDOT building
      2. Beside Cameron Street near Ames building.
      3. Between Five Senses Garden and Paxton St
      4. From Rutherford House to sidewalk along Park Drive.
    4. Paxton parkway stream bank restoration

Read the PennLive article about our project here.

We’ve also added ‘FIXIT’ STATIONS in HACC’S Parking lot on Industrial rd near the north pedestrian bridge and Paxtang at the Derry st entrance.

To learn more about our current projects, CLICK HERE.