CAGA Mission

To improve, maintain and protect the Capital Area Greenbelt in the Harrisburg region.

In general the Capital Area Greenbelt Association has a defined role to manage and maintain the Greenbelt on behalf of the Governmental entities that own the land and allow us to operate. In fulfilling that role, we not only manage our own activities but work with adjacent infrastructure owners in coordinating their projects with our facility. In the capacity of an adjacent but related owner/manager of infrastructure, we are frequently asked for our input into the plans/actions of others that may affect our facility. The following guiding principles apply generally to all projects affecting the Greenbelt and can be modified to each individual project according to the issues germane to it.

-Our first priority is to be “held harmless” in that if a project directly affects the Greenbelt and our surrounding attributes that all affected areas be restored to their pre-existing condition.

-If a project must temporarily affect our facility, we request that the entity coordinate closely with us and the involved municipal land owner to identify the need and accommodation for any temporary closures. Such coordination should include any temporary detours, signing, advance notification to users and temporary construction measures in advance of our concurrence with said plans. If possible we would request both a coordination meeting with our designated lead staff, submission of plans detailing all proposed temporary and permanent construction, and if necessary field meetings. CAGA will submit all comments in writing to ensure that the involved parties are aware of our desires. In general our requests will be limited to construction measures related to retaining our facility access to our users –both temporary during construction and post construction.

-If asked, and if funding exists to enhance either the trail itself or the environment surrounding the trail, CAGA will submit comments/concepts and recommendations as applicable for those opportunities. We will always recognize that those enhancements are at the discretion of the owner and also must be amenable to the governmental body who owns the land. We will not demand such improvements but will respectfully offer our opinion as to potential beneficial actions.

-Environmental Stewardship – The mission of CAGA is one of stewardship so we often look for ways to expand our responsibility to adjacent lands and work in tandem with other partners to enhance the environment surrounding our facility on behalf of current and future generations. We may provide feedback to parties undertaking projects near our trail in the form of general goals that we fully understand are not their responsibility to undertake, but if they so desire or would like to couple their project with other funds or grants could be completed. These objectives for stewardship must be vetted with the planning and maintenance committees and then the board prior to being sent for concurrence from the appropriate municipal land owner and subsequently to the interested party. We will not provide any such commentary without the first two steps occurring.