Native Plants

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We have been transitioning to planting all native plants at Greenbelt trailheads, the Five Senses, and the MLK gardens. Planting species native to Pennsylvania is better for the environment and better for the Greenbelt.

Native plants require less watering, do not need frequent fertilization, and reduce the cost of maintaining the Greenbelt’s popular gardens. Natives encourage more butterflies, moths, and skippers which help our birds feed their babies and support native bees needed for pollination.

You can donate funds to support the purchase of native plants. Donations will go to the purchase of native plants from two local nonprofits including the Hungry Hook Native Plant Farm in Bainbridge and the Diakon Wilderness Greenhouse. Under trained Penn State Master Gardeners, volunteers will plant donated native plants for Greenbelt visitors to enjoy in the spring.

You can also send a check made out to the Capital Area Greenbelt Association with a note of “Native Plants Donation”. Mail the check to: PO Box 15405, Harrisburg, PA 17105-5405.

CAGA will send out an acknowledgement for your donation with an invitation to visit the Five Senses Gardens in the spring and learn more about native plants.