Volunteers Needed

The Cameron Parkway is the heaviest used section of the Greenbelt and the most exposure to nature. Unfortunately all this nature deposits a lot of debris (leaves, twigs, buds, etc.) on the walkway. We need volunteers help cleanup the area. The work will require using a back back leaf blow and take 2 hours. Sign up to help out. 

Instructions on the starting and using the blowers will be provided. Please bring eye protection and ear protection. Volunteer dates are between Aug 27 and Nov 19.

The meeting place will be the Greenbelt Maintenance shed on Cameron Street near the old Quigley’s bar. Larry Wasser, an experienced maintenance volunteer will guide the volunteer team. He maintains the State Hospital grounds of the Greenbelt and has experience on using all the equipment.

If you have questions, email Larry at lwasserhbc@gmail.com