Volunteers Remove Harmful Invasive Vines from Greenbelt Area

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Invasive species of plants are serious business. They can cause major impacts to local ecosystems by altering natural habitats and can even lead to the extinction of native plant and animal species if left unchecked. Even worse – invasive vines can run rampant, growing up native trees and bushes, causing excess stress and sometimes even wood rot, leading to further habitat damage. The best thing to do is remove them before the harm they cause gets out of hand.

And removing invasive vines is exactly what a group of 17 Capital Area Greenbelt Association (CAGA) volunteers did the morning of Saturday, February 25 between 19th Street and Cameron Street in Harrisburg. From 9:30 a.m. and working tirelessly through noon, the group was able to cut hundreds – if not thousands – of invasive vines from areas neighboring the Greenbelt.

“I think everyone enjoyed it,” said Sue Wright, a CAGA volunteer who organized the vine removal event. “I hope that our efforts will allow some mature trees to survive and thrive. Thank you to all of the those who came out to do this important work.”

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